Friday, January 20, 2017

Finished and Report

We finished the week tired but very pleased with all we were able to accomplish. As we celebrated with the staff tonight at a special dinner, we acknowledged that only thru Jesus Christ and our partnerships with the MAMA staff and the communities, is our success possible.

Our totals: 
Concrete floors=50, bags of cement=491, persons in the 50 houses=259
Deworming= 797 persons, Micronutrient vitamins= 1746 persons
Malnourished children found= 62
Backpacks of food, a Bible, and other gifts (left at houses with new floors)=36

The cement crew did the 10 floors for today close to the mission house, down the road from the nutrition center in the rural area. They said the homeowners were very poor but had agriculture. 
One family lost their home to a fire and are rebuilding a new one with material from the burnt house. It is impressive and appreciated when the homeowner and neighbors chip in to carry sand and water. 
One man walked up and down a super steep hill carrying water. The homeowner said he was not family but a good friend--that's true friendship!  

The medical clinic was super busy. Not the most courteous and respectful crowd, but we got thru the day with our highest counts of patients seen. 

We split up tomorrow as half fly home and the rest head to Copan. 
Thanks again for your faithful prayers,
Barb for the team


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So grateful to hear all that God did this week through your team! Praying for a safe return home. Ken

Saturday, January 21, 2017 9:38:00 AM  
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