Thursday, March 10, 2016

Thursday | Tapiquilares

Our travels today took us to a small village high in the Honduran mountains known as Tapiquilares. Greeted immediately by a hand-made welcome sign, we were delighted to be able to work outside with the breezes and beautiful views.

Welcome Sign

The doctors saw 191 patients, of whom 153 received deworming medication and 8 will become cases for Children Without Choices. After a long morning of painting the nearby preschool, the men joined the medical team for a delicious lunch prepared by the community leader at whose house we were stationed. The local dogs were just as excited for our scraps as we were for the food!

After eating, the work resumed. In the lines, a young boy asked Barb for a pair of shoes. When she gave a pair to him, she was immediately swarmed by dozens and dozens of other children asking shoes too. It was a mob scene.

We finished our time in Tapiquilares fairly early today and headed back to San Pedro Sula to clean up and go to the local Mennonite Church. There, we ate with the Executive Board of Proyecto MAMA. The members of the board were incredibly grateful for the work we were doing. Similarly, the team feels blessed to be working with such an organization and partnering to make a difference in the Honduran communities.

The team is healthy, happy, and looking forward to one more day of service in Honduras. As a preview of things to come, tomorrow we will visit another village; Saturday, a few team members will fly home and the rest will head to Copan for some sight-seeing.

Kaitlin, for the Team


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