Wednesday, March 09, 2016

March 9th | El Cipres

Today, we visited a village called El Cipres. We've seen this village in the past and it is one of our favorites - we were able to do a lot of the work outside and get some fresh air in the heat. We set up our clinic on a former farm that was left to Proyecto MAMA by a retired missionary couple. The property was sprawling and lovely with many trees and flowering plants.

Overall, it was a very successful day. We dewormed 193 people, and the doctors saw 225 patients, of which 8 will become cases for Children Without Choices. The highlight of the medical brigade was a small boy who, after having gone through the stations and receiving his toy at the end, stuck around to get another for his little brother. Originally, we told him no, assuming he was being greedy and trying to get another for himself. We knew we were wrong when he waited almost two hours for the toy and ended up crying that his brother wouldn't be able to get one. Upon seeing his tears, we knew his request was genuine, and we gave him a small toy for his little brother too.

In the world of construction, Bob, Ken, Matt, and Vern painted the preschool on the property with the help of a few local volunteers. Assisted by the teacher, the president of the local educational association, two small children, and one 74 year old women, they were able to beautify the inside of the church and nearly finish painting the outside, only leaving one small wall and some paint to finish it.

After most of the work was over, Jonathan played soccer with a few boys (who were thrilled with the new ball). Kaitlin taught a group of 20 or so kids how to make bracelets out of tiny rubber bands, and Joyce and Leona painted finger nails. On the ride home, we got stuck in some traffic amidst two car accidents, but we still made it home with plenty of time for another one of Aurora's delicious meals.

The crew is safe, healthy, and optimistic for another day of work tomorrow in the village of Tapiquilares.

Linda, for the Team


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