Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Wednesday, January 18

We had gorgeous weather as we traveled to Montanuelas, Taulabe, to a new community we had not been to before. The Community was fairly high up the mountain and the views were marvelous. The clinic saw 107 children, 73 women, 50 men, while the doctor saw 80 persons. The number of men was down as many were harvesting coffee.  Micronutrients were given to 94 families.
The construction group achieved a new record as we did 10 floors and 100 bags of concrete.  Don Rice, our long time finisher, remarked that one house today had perfect sand, the best of all the years he has been coming.  We also experienced touching moments as we worked today. One house was about 6x10 and housed a grandfather and his spouse who were caring for a single mom and her 2 children.  The grandfather and spouse were not related to the mother and her children, and the team was touched by the incredibly generous act that most men would never do. We also had opportunity to talk with home owners who pitched in and carried sand and water, and were very grateful to receive their new floor. We have a wonderful time joking, poking fun, and building comraderie as we drive to and from communities. We are also deeply appreciative for Ruth who stays on top of the laundry, for Isabel who has fed us wonderfully, and for all the MAMA staff who work behind the scenes before we arrive, and with us each day.  We closed our evening sharing stories about God's generosity and our opportunity to share that generosity throughout our lives.
Tim Weaver for the team


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