Sunday, January 15, 2017

Safe Arrival

We had a smooth day of travel- all flights were good and bags arrived in one piece. Since we are all return team members (Eric and Loren a few years back) we settled in quickly, unpacking and organizing the donations on the nice shelving in the new bunk room wing. We were welcomed with big smiles by our friends Mary, Karen, and Isabel. We are blessed to have Aaron Clemmer (volunteer for the team season) and Kelly (Dinora's niece) joining our team. We enjoyed Isabel's wonderful fried chicken for dinner and some football on Aaron's computer. The guys are mentally preparing for all the floors to be poured in the week ahead. The word is there are some pretty big floors (10 baggers). They started eating their gummy vitamins in preparation!  We look forward to a good week of work. Thanks for your prayers. 
Barb for the team. 


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