Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Tuesday January 17 - Santa Fe

Today we went to a town called Santa Fe which was about 2 hours away.  This is a community that our January team has visited quite a few times before.  You might remember that this is Nolvin's community who Children Without Choices helped with his club foot.  The drive there was bit long with the first half being on a good highway and the second half being on bumpy back roads and going up onto the mountain.

The medical team was set up inside of a school in the community and saw approximately 99 families.  This community appeared to be fairly healthy.  We believe this partially due the consistent visits from MAMA teams.  In addition, the community is set on a hill requiring the people to walk the hills quite a bit which we also attribute to their good health.   Overall they had a good day!  

The concrete teams did 10 floors again today with a total of 97 bags of cement.  Dave did not have any issues with chicks today but a duck did try to get on one of the floors.  Since we have been to this community a fair amount of times before a lot of families already have concrete floors.  We had to hike up and down the hills to a couple of the houses but luckily a lot of houses we poured floors at were relatively close together.  The houses range in size .  One house that the group I was with poured a floor for was only about 8ft x 10ft (only 4 bags of cement) and was home to a woman and her 4 children.  Overall, everyone on the concrete crews was tired but had a good day.  

This evening we enjoyed a great dinner prepared by Isabella and nice devotional time lead by Ruthie.    Everyone is a little tired but in good health and looking forward to what tomorrow brings.  We appreciate all your prayers!

Eric (for the team)


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