Friday, May 19, 2017

Final Day

Friday, day 5

Our last day of clinics took us up a mountain to the community of Maranatha. As we reached the highest part, we could see Santiago, (a community we visited during other trips), in the valley below us. These two communities share our clinics. One year we will go to Santiago, and another year to Maranatha. This year, women and children from Santiago climbed the mountain to see the doctors and get medicine.

This fifth day of clinics we became a "well oiled machine". We set up quickly in the school in three classrooms, everyone knowing what neeeded to be accomplished and getting to task. The doctors saw 168 patients. Many of them complained of stomache issues, probably due to parasites and poor diets.

As the doctors and pharmacy finished with the patients many of us had time to play with the children.  Sherri pulled out her craft bag, which many children enjoyed.

Heading back to our hotel we enjoyed the beautiful scenery of Honduras as we bounced down the mountain.

Reflections Of The Day:

  • The road was so bumpy that Miriam said her kidneys ended up in her shoulders - everyone needs a chiropractor. 
  • A huge black butterfly landing on Kelli's pant leg and hearing her scream as she thought it was a bat - it really did look like a bat.
  • Trying to get a little girl to smile with no success - you should have seen the faces we made but to know availe.
  • The large pig getting a bath just outside the window - and the rooster and turkeys out the same window.
  • Laura having the plastic cap to the otoscope getting stuck in the children's ears due to the gobs of wax - Yikes!
  • Cindy's little friend, Kevin, trying to photobomb all the pictures she was taking - " there he is again!" 
  • Sherri had an older man so interested in her heart weaving craft, that he wanted to make one. She asked who he was making it for, and he smiled and said his wife - aww!!
  • Peyton changed jobs after lunch and became the bouncer for the pharmacy - keeping the crowds out of the room until they were able to be seen - "Are you ready for another one?"
  • Aurora's awesome lunch - as always. 

Tonight we will say goodbye to our Honduran friends (a total of fifteen) who helped us this week with driving, doctoring, hauling the heavy suitcases to clinics ( Bob with twelve women weren't much help!), translating, food, and pitching in wherever needed.

Our totals for the week were 936 people seen by the doctors. Twenty - two cases will be referred to Children Without Choices.

Thank you for your prayers.

Camryn, Peyton, and Kathy


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