Friday, March 11, 2016

Friday | El Buen Pastor

Today, we visited our fifth and final village, El Buen Pastor. Nestled in a wooded area in the mountains, the team was thankful to be able to work in the shade and get out of the heat. The medical brigade had many patients before lunch but not very many at all after - in total, 215 were dewormed and the doctors saw 182 patients of which 5 will become cases for Children Without Choices. One girl fainted in the line, and we saw one woman suffering from polio, but all in all El Buen Pastor seemed like a fairly healthy community.

El Buen Pastor

In construction, the men worked on a few small projects in the nearby preschool. They built many shelves, constructed a table, and made a sandbox for the new play area at the school. On one of our hottest days, I'm sure they were glad to not be pouring concrete!

Children Coloring

After cleaning up back at the hotel, the team rendezvoused with many of the Honduran volunteers at a team favorite restaurant called Power Chicken. It was a grand feast, and it was wonderful to reunite with all of the people who made this trip possible - there were over 30 people at the meal.

Part of the Feast

 The team is happy, healthy, and feeling a bit bittersweet. It is nice to have finished the work, and many people look forward to visiting Copan, but it is somewhat sad to no longer be serving the communities and reaching out to those who need our help. It was an incredibly successful trip, and the entire team feels blessed to have taken part.

Deep Run East Team | March 2016

 Gustavo, for the Team