Thursday, March 12, 2015

Our friends at Gracias a Dios

We were around the perimeter inside the church. It had a shiny floor with loud acoustics. We almost ran out of the deworming pill cause Linda did not grab the new bottle thinking we would not need it. We had exactly the correct amount needed for the people that we saw, including the ones that threw it up. There were three team member working at the pharmacy with lots of space so that ran much smoother than the other days. Many people were fairly heathy and just came to visit.

The men in our group went to a nearby school to paint three rooms. It was pastor Juan, Bob and Brent, along with about ten other people from the community.  Brent had an entourage that followed him around all day and wanted their picture taken.  The medical team can tell what color paint they used based on Bob's pants🎨

We had a delicious dinner in the Gracias a Dios church with the leaders and their families. The children that are sponsored visited with us afterword. There were a lot of pictures taken throughout the night.
Ice cream was provided by our youngest male at the hotel when we returned.

Kate and Linda for the team


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