Saturday, February 18, 2006

February 2006 MAMA Team Letter from Barb Rice

February 15, 2006

Hi all-
We are back from a good week in Honduras with a great team. Everyone had an important gift to give to the success of our trip. Attached are some pictures that tell the story better than words can.

The guys above are pouring concrete in one home--this was the main room of the house. Usually the family worked with our team in addition to the MAMA staff crew. Some of the homes were barely a shed (Jake said our pool shed would be a mansion in most cases). The home that effected them most, was owed by a campesino (farmer) who was 65 yrs old. The house was made of sticks and all of their belongings fit on a sheet. Their was no food around. He has had to move a number of times as land owners expand their fields and he has only squatter's rights. His wife and two small children live in the "house" too.

Eric is blowing bubbles with the kids. The guys poured two floors a day (11 total) and were always done early, so they had time to play and talk to the kids.

The kids are so cute with their big brown eyes. We met this little guy on the last clinic day.

On Friday we visited the Leonardo Martinez Maternity Hospital in San Pedro Sula, recently opened, funded by a group from Japan. This was a very young mom that had the wonderful opportunity to have her baby in a clean hospital. The staff was proud of the facility and how they are helping moms and babies from poor rural communities. We gave out about 35 baby kits, consisting of blankets, cloth diapers and some clothes.

Our Friday night celebration dinner with the Honduran staff at a restaurant on Lake Yojoa. Most were brave and got the traditional fish fry--it was excellent.

Our clinics went well, treating about 575 people in 4 days. "Dr" Mary Ellen Moran did great seeing patients with Tim Weaver as translator. Oscar saw patients too and Ashley Moyer did blood pressures. I had fun being the pharmacist, something new for me---my most repeated phrase: "uno al dia" (one a day), especially to the children who were excited to see chewable vitamins being given to their moms. Collen Moran and Karen Hohenstein did the vitamin A and deworming. Ruth Hohenstein greeted families, helped with deworming medicine and took Polaroid family portraits they could take with them. The concrete crew was Joe Hohenstein, Jake Rice, Eric Rice, Don Rice and Kevin Graber. Everyone did a great job and appreciated meeting the warm, friendly, smiling Honduran people whether it was the first time or the sixth time (Joe's 6th time, my 4th).

We enjoyed good team fellowship each evening as we packed pills for the next day and Tim Weaver and Ruth Hohenstein led us in meaningful devotional/reflection time. We also had a nice time of rest and relaxing in Roaton (a Bay Island we flew to via the local airline) on the weekend while most of you were snowed in:-)

I look forward to sharing more with each of you when we see you. Thanks so much for your prayers on our behalf. We were safe, healthy (a few Cipro pills, but no one really sick), and God blessed us richly.


The February 2006 Deep Run East MAMA team consisted of the following people: Joe & Ruth Hohenstein, Barb and Jake Rice, Eric Rice, Don Rice, Tim Weaver, Kevin Graber, Karen Hohenstein, Ashley Moyer, Mary Ellen Moran, and Colleen Moran. They were in Honduras from February 5-13, 2006.


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